New municipal parking plan does not sit well with some in Quepos

Some Quepos residents are seeing red over the yellow paint that has been marked on downtown curbs.

Parking is prohibited in the yellow zones, and the principal complaint is that there is nowhere to park.

That the municipality also is installing 350 colon-an-hour parking meters does not sit well with the workers and shoppers downtown either.

To express their unhappiness some of those who oppose the new parking plan said they would attend a municipal council meeting Wednesday night where they were going to present petitions with 1,200 signatures.

One merchant said that his sales are down 40 percent because of the month-old parking restrictions.

Miguel Masis, head of the anti-parking meter movement, said that there’s no public parking space and that everyone is getting tickets like crazy.

Marco Zuniga of the  Municipalidad de Aguirre legal quepos052915department said that the intention is to get rid of the bad customs or habits like the business owners parking in front of the stores. “Our goal is to created a culture especially for the tourist so they will find a better town more organized as they are used to,” he said.

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