One suspect captured in home invasion

Fuerza Pública officers managed to capture one of four men who burst into a home in Río Grande de Nicoya Tuesday night.

Meanwhile there are scant official details of another home invasion that involved an expat couple in Guácima de Alajuela.

Fuerza Pública officers said they chased a vehicle Tuesday night from Río Grande to Aranjuez de Pithaya where the driver overturned the car. A foot chase in the dark netted a Fray Casiano de Puntarenas man, who also was the subject of a warrant for attempted murder. Recovered was a 12-gauge shotgun.

Police said they still were seeking three other suspects.

The men are accused of breaking into a home and tying up the domestic worker there. The invaders took a flat-screen television, kitchen appliances and other items,Then they fled in the family’s vehicle. That’s how police spotted the vehicle at a checkpoint. Some of the items taken were found in the wrecked car, police said.

The Guácima crime was Monday night, but there were no arrests. Police seldom make mention of such crimes. A neighbor managed to scare off invaders who forced their way into the home of the expat couple.

Home invasions are a nightly occurrence in the Central Valley and not, it seems, in rural areas of the country. Crooks are known to stake out homes to learn family patterns.

Sometimes they poison or even shoot dogs and force their way through steel bars. The Fuerza Pública and judicial agents are experts at forcing steel doors. They simply connect a chain between the metal barriers and a vehicle. Most metal doors and gates cannot withstand that force.

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