Police note ease of stealing cell phones

The Fuerza Pública said that its officers recovered 52 cell phones that had been stolen in the first three months of the year in downtown San José Centro.

Most of the cell phone recoveries took place because police were near the site where the theft took place, the agency said.   Meanwhile dozens of persons lose their cell phones each day as they work or visit the center of the city, according to the Fuerza Pública.

The agency said that most of these thefts take place when the phone owner is not paying attention. Crooks have been known to snatch cell phones from a table where an owner is sitting and eating. Of course, some are taken in armed robberies.

Rodrigo Alfaro, chief of the police in central San José, said that a stroll downtown shows how easy it is to steal a telephone. People do not realize that dozens of pairs of eyes are upon them, he said.

Crooks have been known to take a telephone even as the owner is holding a conversation with it. They just grab it and run. Alfaro noted that many of the crimes take place during the day when there are crowds on the street to hide the fleeing crook.

The crimes are aided by the existence of many shops that sell stolen telephones.

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