Price regulator cuts taxi fares in face of low inflation

Taxi drivers are going to have to work longer hours and perhaps more days to make the same money because the nation’s regulatory agency has cut fares.

For both city and rural taxis, the cut is 10 colons for the first kilometer. The rate now is 640 colons, and the new rate is 630 colons.

For urban taxis the rate for subsequent kilometers drops from 640 to 610 colons. Rural taxis now charge 795 for each additional kilometers. That rate will become 770 colons.

Taxis at Juan Santamaría airport also face reductions.  The current rate for the first kilometer drops from 930 to 925 colons for sedans and 930 to 925 colons for microbuses. Subsequent kilometers will be a cut of  30 colons for sedans to 780 and for microbuses to 900 colons.

The agency said that the adjustment in fares was done to compensate for a low inflation rate. The reductions come at a time when the nation’s gasoline monopoly is seeking higher rates for motor fuels.

The rates go into effect when the decree is published in the La Gaceta official newspaper.

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