Retiree’s book tells of child’s monkey friend

Kevin A. Fortier learned as a boy that monkeys do not make great pets, so when he came to Costa Rica years later he constructed a book of a child’s encounter and continuing relationship with a wild monkey.

The book, which is on Amazon as both a Kindle and paperback is “Alex, the White Faced Monkey – Coming Out of the Forest.”

The setting is in Tilarán, which is not far from Fortier’s home in Río Piedras. He said he had his earliest encounter with a monkey at his aunt’s home in Connecticut where the animal was a caged pet.  He was not pleased with that arrangement even though he was still in elementary school.

Writing is a hobby he has turned to monkeybook051315late after he retired to Costa Rica 18 months ago. He is a former trucker and a mechanic. Another book, this one for adults, is in the works for release shortly.

Fortier just conducted a school visit where a chapter of the book was read to students. He would like to do more.


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