Rough seas predicted on both coasts

The weather is not a local phenomenon. A high pressure system in the Atlantic is merging with a low pressure system north of Colombia generating choppy Caribbean seas.

And in Antarctica there is an intense storm that is doing the same for the Pacific.

These are the reports of the Centro de Investigación en Ciencias del Mar y Limnología at the Universidad de Costa Rica.

Three meter waves are expected in the Caribbean, said the Centro. The wave height should diminish by Saturday, it added.

Waves nearly that high were predicted for Wednesday for the south Pacific with slightly smaller waves at points up the coast. The wave height is expected to diminish today.

On both coasts, the Centro said that there would be danger to small boats, particularly at river mouths. The Pacific beaches also will have rip tides, that can be fatal to bathers, the Centro noted.

In any event, the breakers are supposed to be very strong.

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