Sextuplets continue to be big news on television

The birth of sextuplets now is a bigger news story than a championship soccer match.

Television stations have taken the lead, and the births Sunday night dominated the nightly news Monday.

Never mind that the six babies are unavailable to camera operators. There is plenty of stock footage of babies, tiny feet and sleeping infants. Then there are the group shots of the teams that delivered the babies.

The six have been named, and Channel Six even aired a map showing which infant is in what local hospital. The babies are Emma, Tomás, Valentina, Diego, Andrés and Gabriel.

Each weighs around two pounds, so there is extensive efforts on the various hospitals, La Carid, San Juan de Dios and Hospital México to provide intensive care.

So far there have been no reports of medical problems. The mother, Sylvia Villegas, 34, remains at Hospital México where the emergency caesarian took place Sunday night.

The upbeat reports about the infants have been diminished a bit by a second day of public demonstrations at the Hospital Max Peralta in Cartago. The major complaint alleges 18 months of malpractice in the hospital’s emergency room and the lack of specialists. Hundreds of residents were at the hospital with hand-made signs. The hospital also is operated by the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social.

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