Solís cites deficits but gives no solutions

President Luis Guillermo Solís, while noting that the government’s financial deficit is one of the major challenges facing Costa Rica, failed to provide a solution in a television talk to the public Sunday.

The president, however, warned of austerity that can provoke inefficiencies, paralyzation of agencies, the closing of schools and hospitals and massive unemployment in the public sector.

He promised that with discussions, government officials would arrive at an unspecified concrete accord.

He noted that the country demands and deserves that public officials make decisions.

His television talk, called the Cadena Nacional, the president said the government would push economic growth and generate quality employment, reduce poverty and inequality.

The president noted that economic growth is linked to beginning the design of the San José-San Ramón highway and the northern loop of the  Circunvalación.

He also cited loans for small businesses and some $2 million invested in modernizing agricultural extension services throughout the country.

He also cited a program called Mi primer empleo designed to help some 30,000 first-time young jobseekers.

Solís noted that he has finished a fourth of his presidential term and, although he categorized the work as satisfactory, he said he wants to be more ambitious and demand more.

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