Sunday is for Mom in the United States

Expat mothers have a great deal in Costa Rica. There are two Mother’s Day. And one is even a legal holiday.

U.S. Mother’s Day is Sunday.  Expats still have time to plan a cheerful telephone call or even arrange for some flower deliveries. The United States always celebrates the day on the second Sunday of May.

Throughout the world, however, there are many different dates for other countries.

Día de la Madre is Aug. 15 in Costa Rica. This is the Roman Catholic Día de la Asunción, which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, appropriately the mother of Jesus. The day falls on a Saturday this year, but it still is a legal holiday. The U.S. Embassy takes off the Friday before.

Mothers usually get a substantial gift here, so anyone in the market for a washer, dryer, microwave or other major appliance ought not wait until August.  Merchants jack up the prices.

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