Taxi protests are called unjustified

Taxi drivers protested for two days over a reduction in their authorized fares.

But the Autoridad Reguladora de Servicios Públicos, the agency that cut the rates, said that the protests are unjustified.

For both city and rural taxis, the cut is 10 colons for the first kilometer. The old rate is 640 colons, and the new rate, which went into effect Friday, is 630 colons.

For urban taxis the rate for subsequent kilometers dropped from 640 to 610 colons. Rural taxis  charged 795 for each additional kilometers. That rate is now 770 colons.

The Autoridad used a complex formula that is based on prices in the past. The taxi drivers are well aware the fuel prices are increasing.

The Autoridad said the lower rates were justified based on the price of motor fuels at the end of January.

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