Turrialba expected to continue its ups and downs, expert says

The prediction for the Turrialba volcano is not what air travelers want to hear.

A volcano expert said Tuesday that the mountain will be having its ups and downs over the next few months.

That raises the possibility of more dustings of the Juan Santamaría airport with volcanic ash and the chance that the Alajuela facility will be closed down again. This already has happened three times in the last two months, much to the dismay of travelers.

The expert is Guillermo Alvarado Induni, who is with the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad and the Red Sismológica Nacional at the Universidad de Costa Rica.

He said he did not expect lava flows outside the volcano’s crater, although fragmented lava is contained in the ash that continues to pour out of the mountain.

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad summarized the talk.  Alvarado said that the eruptions Monday and Tuesday were expected because the volcano was resting for a week. He said that historically the mountain continues its periodic activity of rest and activity.

That is why he predicts similar conditions for the next few month.

The area most affected by the ash and acid rain is an oval with a five-kilometer radius around the mountain, he said, The Toro Amarillo and Sucio rivers that flow into the Caribbean also are affected, he said.

The twin Turrialba-Irazú volcanoes have had six major eruptions in the last 3,600 years, the telecom provider noted. The firm keeps and eye on volcanoes and earthquakes as part of its maintenance of the telecom and electrical networks, it noted.speaker050615

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