U.S. expedition to visit four cities to seek investment

The country’s ambitious expedition to the United States will not only seek out companies that might invest here but also try to reach agreements with educational institutions, according to a summary released Monday.

The delegation headed by the president will visit four major U.S. cities, starting Wednesday. The delegation will return May 23.  Luis Guillermo Solís will be there most of that time.

The visit starts Wednesday in Charlotte, North Carolina. Other cities on the agenda are Atlanta, Georgia, Austin, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois. Visits also will be made to the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Georgia, Northwestern University and the North Carolina Research campuses.

The stated purpose is to find more investment to create more jobs. The university visits are designed to strengthen Costa Rican academics in research, development and high tech, said an announcement.

The delegation said it hopes to pay visits on 20 major firms, many of which already have operations here.

Solís will participate in a lunch set up by Coca-Cola and the World Affairs Council in Atlanta.  The visits also will include radio and television interviews.

The announcement noted that Colombia, México and China all have sent similar missions to the United States already this year.

Alexander Mora, minister of  Comercio Exterior, and Jorge Sequeira, director general of the Coalición Costarricense de Iniciativas de Desarrollo, will be in the delegation.

There also is private participation.

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