Vandalized bridges expected to be in service today

The nation’s road agency said that the twin bridges leading to the proposed APM container handling facility in Moín have been repaired.

The bridges, constructed of those metal bailey spans, are expected to go into use today at 8 a.m.

Vandals using a torch to cut key members of the spans either the evening of April 25 or 26. They did so in a way that a bridge was set up to collapse the first time a truck passed over one. The bridges are over the Río Moín.

Officials at the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad said that the vandals must have had a lot of knowledge of the bridge to do so.

Fixing the spans cost 80 million colons, about $153,000.

The bridges carry trucks that are providing fill for the artificial island on which the $1 billion container facility will be located.

Suspicion has fallen on workers on the nearby public docks who fear the competition or on environmentalists who do not like the project’s impact. Judicial agents are investigating.

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