Warnings issued for both coasts about heavy seas

Residents and visitors to both coasts will face challenges, according to Universidad de Costa Rica experts.

A system of high pressure in the North Atlantic is driving south to balance out a low pressure area north of Colombia. This wind will create choppy seas along the coast of Limón, said the Centro de Investigación en Ciencias del Mar y Limnología.

The Centro said that 2.2 meter waves were seen Thursday and that the waves will get larger through the next week.

Waves of three meters are predicted for next Thursday, the forecast said.

The Pacific coast still is feeling the impact of heavy seas to the south.

A series of 1.3-meter waves are expected starting Monday with larger waves coming Wednesday along the south Pacific coast. Waves will be slightly smaller up the coast, said the Centro.

In the Caribbean this weekend there are dangerous winds that will cause problems for small boats by Saturday and this condition will continue until Thursday, said the Centro.

Bathers need to be cautious on all the Caribbean beaches, said the Centro.

The University experts issued a special warning for Cieneguita, Moín, Puerto Vargas, Puerto Viejo, Cocles and Manzanillo, as well as other Caribbean locations. Previous storms have caused erosion that might open the land to flooding during high tides, the Centro said.

Special caution is urged for bathers and boat crews beginning Wednesday on the Pacific coast, the Centro said.

The forecasts from the Centro frequently are disregarded. A small boat sunk in the Gulfo Dulce Sunday and four persons died, in part because of  the choppy seas. There also have been bathers who were swept into the open ocean and perished last weekend.

The most spectacular wave-related event this week was a barge that capsized just off the coast of Puntarenas, also Sunday, and dumped 180 tons of chemicals into the sea.

In January a catamaran carrying 98 tourists sunk in the gulf of Nicoya when it appears choppy seas caused one of the boat’s pontoons to collapse.

There also was a report of the seas inundating the lower compartment of the boat. Three tourists died.waves050815

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