Weekend marked by wet weather

Limón Centro got 125 millimeters in 12 hours Sunday. That’s a bit less than 5 inches.

Some parts of the province were flooded, as a low pressure system enveloped the country. Traditionally, homes there are built on stilts.

There also was rain in the northern zone, the Central Valley and the central and south Pacific.

Traffic was hampered, and there were at least three deaths of pedestrians over the weekend that may have been partly attributed to low visibility brought about by the rains.

There as some flooding in the capital. Emergency officials will be checking for possible damage today.

The Instituto Meteorological Nacional said that the low pressure area was associated with the  Inter Tropical Convergence Zone, the place where the northern and southern trade winds meet. This band of unstable weather circles the globe and moves to the north and to the south of the equator.

The weekend rain in the capital generally was gentle, but there were reports of high winds and electrical storms elsewhere. Such conditions are typical of May.

The rains were expected to clear somewhere today with the Pacific coast and the Central Valley enjoying partly cloudy skies.

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