After midnight the game is traffic light roulette in the metro area

Those who sweat to travel bumper to bumper through the metro area during the day might not know that the rules change at night.

This is the time when traffic signals are even less than a suggestion.

The metro streets then are dominated by taxis and police cars. Taxi drivers are well known for disregarding traffic lights. Police? Well, they are special, so they are not bound by the laws governing mere mortals.

In any event, the downtown is far more dangerous after midnight.

There are some good reasons not to honor traffic lights. Those who stop at a corner might have a pistol stuck in their ear by the car’s new owner.

Then there are the aggressive transvestites who populate the street corners. The motorist who pulls up for a traffic light might be mistaken for a customer, and the working individual might jump in the passenger seat.

The general rule is to beep the horn while plunging through the intersection.

Still each weekend there are horrific accidents blamed on motorist failing to respect a signal.

The best policy is for a motorist to crawl through traffic driver061015lights even if the signal is green.  Who knows what is coming from the other direction?

Curiously there is no traffic enforcement from midnight until about 6 a.m. And that seems to extend throughout the metro area. The reason might be because the traffic police are all attending the latest accident caused by someone who plunged through the stop light.

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