Appeal filed over Ruta 32 widening study

The organization  Federación Ecologista said it has filed a Sala IV appeal against plans to widen Ruta 32 for 100 kilometers from Limón to Río Frio.

This is the road project that the central government is trying to negotiate with the Chinese government, banks and contractors.

The organization said that plans for an environmental impact study in the law violate the constitutional guarantees for a safe environment.

A news release said that the Secretaría Nacional Ambiental  is being forced to do an environmental study with unreasonable deadlines that would prevent a serious analysis.

The organization also notes that the design of the road has not even been fixed.

The proposed route crosses many environmentally sensitive areas, including forests, protected areas and aquifers, the organization said. There also are many pipelines and other utility obstacles that need to be considered, the release said.

These problems were pointed out to legislators but they were forgotten in the haste and pressure to approve the deal, the organization said.

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