Bill seeks to legalize medical and industrial use of cannabis and hemp

The legislature is considering a law that would permit the medical and industrial use of cannabis and hemp.

A turf battle seems to be emerging. The Ministerio de Salud said Tuesday that it should house a new institute to investigate the use of and control of cannabis. There are at least four other agencies that are involved with drugs in the country.

The bill is No. 19.256, and a summary points out the many legal pitfalls that await an effort to legalize medical marijuana.

Costa Rica, of course, has vast planting of marijuana, and some of it just springs up naturally. The legislation would seek to control the content of active ingredients of marijuana and the type of herbicides used on marijuana plantations. It also prohibits the smoking of marijuana in places where cigarettes are forbidden now.

The measure, which was introduced late last year, still is early in the legislative process.

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