Company says its concrete additive will improve nation’s roads

That concrete roadways outlast asphalt is well known. But concrete costs a lot more.

Now comes the firm EcoConcretos de Centroamérica that says its concrete additive is cheaper because it makes the batch last much longer and cure in one day.

The product, AltaCrete, can serve as a base under high-traffic roads or as a top coat for roads that take less of a beating, according to the firm.

The additive was developed in Germany 20 years ago, the firm said.

The company estimates that Costa Rica will invest $44 billion in roads by 2035. The company also notes that the deficiencies of the Costa Rican road network are well known, particularly in secondary and local roads. An estimated 27,000 kilometers are just gravel, according to the firm.

The company said that even for high-traffic roads, using the concrete as a base can eliminate the need for a deeper gravel fill.

The product has a long history in the United States, Canada and Asia, the firm said.

Right now the product is being used for an access road to a wind generating site in Tilarán.

The company hired an advertising and public relations agency to present its case to the media. It said it wanted municipalities and other government agencies to know about the product.roadadditive061015

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