Cruz Roja seeks more money

The Cruz Roja, the rescue agency, wants a raise. The public service says more money is needed to eliminate a 2-billion-colons deficit.

Idalberto Gonzalez Jiménez, the general manager of the Cruz Roja, appeared before the  Comisión Permanente de Hacendarios to seek changes in the laws and an increase in the ubiquitous Cruz Roja legal stamp from 200 colons to 500. The stamp is required on lots of public documents along with others.

The general manager said that the problem began with changes in the law in 2011 and the the Cruz Roja applied its reserves to the shortfalls. The reserves are now depleted, the general manger said.

The organization also would like a piece of traffic fines, exoneration for its vehicles from highway tolls and an increase in the taxes it receives from telephone use.

The committee took no action, but members said they would study the request.

The Cruz Roja is best known for its ambulance and search and rescue services.

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