Do-it-yourself weapons confiscated

Fuerza Pública officers said they nabbed two teens Monday while they were hiding in vegetation awaiting the arrival of a delivery truck.

Apparently there have been enough crimes of this sort in Río Jiménez de Guácimo, Limón, to warrant special police attention.

The two, a 17 and an 18 year old were armed with homemade weapons, a shotgun and a pistol, said police.

The way to make cheap firearms appears to be a cottage industry in some parts of Costa Rica. Gun makers are assisted by extensive information on the Internet, including material on how to create weapon quickly posted by the U.S. Army.

A simple search turns up vast amounts of information, mainly involving the use of pipes and other easily obtained material.

In the case Monday, the homemade shotgun was a bit more elaborate than just two pieces of pipe. There appeared to be a hammer contraption and a trigger assembly.

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