Escazú author wins a top fiction prize

Escazú resident and A.M. Costa Rica associate Lou Kilzer has been honored with a top book award for his first novel “Fatal Redemption.”

Kilzer wrote the book along with Mark Boyden, a British national who also visits Costa Rica.

Kilzer received the award in the mystery/suspense category of the fourth annual IndieReader Discovery Awards at BookExpo America, the major literary trade show in New York City.

The award comes on the heels of winning the crime fiction category of the Third Annual Beverly Hills International Book Awards and the general fiction category of the 2015 Great Northwest Book Festival.

The book is the first in a series and takes place in Denver and in Manuel Antonio.

The main character is Sally Will, a young, hyper-determined investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune who smokes black cigars, drinks too much and suffers periodic panic attacks. Based in Denver, she catches the story of a lifetime, according to a summary. In this mystery thriller, Sally must overcome the Russian mafia and its green-eyed assassin Katya, the Chicago mob and the mystery killer, the summary said. Sally makes mistakes, she draws wrong conclusions, but with the help of her lover, former FBI agent Lou Elliott, Sally confronts all the danger head on, it added.

Grady Harp, a top 10 reviewer at Amazon says “This is one of the toughest, smartest, most terrifying and well-conceived forays in the dark underworlds of two continents. Crime, intrigue, romance, passion, political shenanigans fill this superb book.  Stand aside Lee Child, Tom Clancy, and Ian Fleming. Here is a new take on intrigue!”

Kilzer borrows from his many years as a newspaper investigative reporter. He twice won the Pulitzer Prize for his news articles.  He has been in Costa Rica writing for more than a year. The sequel is “Fatal Seductions,” where Sally Will and the Green Eyed Lady go face-to-face, Kilzer said. It was written with the help of a rear admiral of the U.S. Pacific submarine fleet and involves a North Korean plot to attack the United States, he added. This book, too, takes place in part in Costa Rica, Jacó, La Sabana and San José. The sequel is due out in a few months.

Kilzer said he was regarded as dyslexic to the point of hopelessness, throughout his early school years” in Wyoming.  He fought against these preconceptions of abject failure to graduate cuma laude from Yale University to craft a career as an investigative reporter and as an acclaimed historical author.

Kilzer has written two non-fiction historical books, “Hitler’s Traitor: Martin Bormann and the Defeat of the Reich,” and “Churchill’s Deception: The Dark Secret That Destroyed Nazi Germany.” As part of his research, Kilzer received unprecedented access to the archives of the former Russian KGB.

“Fatal Redemption” is available at Amazon in paperback or as an e-book and at Nook,  iTunes or KOBO, as are other Kilzer books.kilzerbook060215

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