Former expat and wife set up campagn to get computers for school kids

Like a lot of North Americans, Scott Tucker sees a way to help the Costa Rican schools.

The former resident has an advantage in that his wife, Ana, is Costa Rican. They live now in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Government budgets for schools are less than adequate, and the Tuckers  cite that in the name of their 501(c)(3) organization: Global Digital Divide, Inc.

Their short-term goal is to send computers to needy students and schools in Costa Rica. The organization grew out of a family tradition of bringing small electronic items here when they visited.

Now they have set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise $10,000 to  change lives by helping provide computers, laptops and tablets to needy students, they said.

They said they already have six desktop computers, two laptops, a monitor and a printer.  With money raised on the donation site they hope to acquire more new and used computers and send then to Costa Rican students and schools.

Computers for schools are a sensitive topic in Costa Rica because many schools simply do not have modern machines. Lawmakers were discussing the issue from a budget perspective a week ago. As Tucker pointed out, students will be able to maximize their potential with access to computers.

He said the computers also will be set up with a link to the free, online  Khan Academy that  provides instructional videos and practice exercises primarily in the area of elementary and secondary math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics and  English language.

Each computer also will have Skype, a typing training program and a set of spreadsheets, presentation and writing software.digtaldividelogo061515


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