Home invaders reported to have used gas at Arenal

Reports of a second frightening home invasion have come from the Lake Arenal area.

Although the Judicial Investigating Organization has been involved in the case, the agency has made no public report, despite the unusual nature of the crime.

The scene was in San Luis, a community on the cove of the same name at Lake Arenal.

Recently  the area has been discovered by retirees, and gated communities have been constructed.

A source known to A.M. Costa Rica said that a women expat was awakened when masked and armed men burst into her bedroom about 3 a.m. The men wore respirators and sprayed some form of gas that quieted the two dogs there and made the victim lightheaded, the source said.

She was tied up, threatened with a taser and covered with a sheet while the two men ransacked the home.

The men appear to have made photos of the victim’s financial documents and bank statements, too, the source said.

This is the second such crime of this nature in the area, according to the source. The local speculation is that crooks monitor those who go to the bank on Fridays to obtain money to pay workers.

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