Investigators suspect murder of whole family was revenge over debt

Investigators are speculating that the murder of an entire family of four in  Santa María de Dota might be a response to non-payment of a debt.

Judicial agents were alerted to the crime Friday when a visitor found the door to the home open and a girl, 9, tied to a bed, blindfolded and gagged. She was dead.

Judicial agents launched a search and found the husband, wife and a boy, 11, dead some 200 meters from the house. All had been stabbed.

The father had the last name of  Suárez, and the mother had the last name of Miranda.

She was 32 and he was 50, agents said.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said officially that revenge over a debt was one of the motives being investigated. The agency also said that agents suspect that more than one person committed the crimes because of the number of victims involved.

At least the mother had significant defensive wounds on her body.

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