Judicial police chief in Quepos detained

The head of the judicial police in Quepos was one of two persons detained Wednesday by the anti-corruption prosecutors, said the Poder Judicial.

The man, identified by the last name of Solano, is accused of using his police authority to intercede for a private citizen and detain four U.S. citizens. The detention is believed to related to a private dispute.

The private citizen, identified by the last name of Corrales, also was detained.

The incident took place May 8 in the center of Quepos when Solano is accused of sending two other agents of the Judicial Investigating Organization to collar the U.S. citizens. They were in a vehicle and spent a brief period in confinement.

Solano is accused of abuse of authority and of illegally detaining the men. Both suspects went to San José Wednesday for investigation.

The U.S. citizens were held for about 45 minutes, said the Poder Judicial.

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