July 4 picnic organizers urge quick action on sponsorships and donations

The July 4 Independence Day picnic is Saturday, and the expat business community only has a few days to ante up with their annual sponsorships.

That’s according to Charles Turner, who is the president of the American Colony Committee this year.

Turner said that many firms here consider that they have a civic duty to donate to the picnic, and the funds are vital for the annual event.

Sponsorship information is HERE.

“For U.S. citizens here the picnic is the most important event of the year, particularly if they have kids,” said Turner. “After all, the main idea of the picnic is to create a typical U.S. Independence Day event for those youngsters who may not have had the chance to be involved in one in the states.”

Lynda Solar, a former committee president, is quick to point out that  U.S. citizens can share the joy and pride of Independence Day with their Tico friends.

The picnic this year is on a Saturday, so the committee is expecting above-average attendance.

Turner noted that corporate donors have their logos well publicized at the picnic. But that takes some time, so the sooner the donations arrive, the better the promotion can be, he said.

“If you feel pride by being a U.S. citizen and can easily afford a donation, then do so,” he said.  “You know it will be appreciated.”

Turner noted that the admission fee at the gate comes nowhere close to covering the expenses of the annual event.

This year he said country music is planned with the  Blue Desert Band and Fuzzy Rojas of Quepos will provide the blues and soul music.  Three female clowns, The Chepinos, also are expected to dazzle the youngsters.

For the first time since the picnic moved to the Cervercería picnic grounds 13 years ago, a traditional Costa Rican oxcart will be on display, he noted.

More information is HERE!

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