Lawmakers act to moderate alcohol license fees

Lawmakers took another step Wednesday to correct another whoops. The problem was in the 2012 alcohol law that established business license or patente rates for municipalities that were high for some small businesses.

The  Comisión Permanente Especial de Asuntos Municipales y Desarrollo Local Participativo reported out the measure, and lawmakers said that the changes seem to meet with general approval.

The measure creates a sliding scale of patente fees up to a million colons a year for big businesses. The rate is determined by the number of employees, net annual sales and
financial activity in the latest tax year, said lawmakers., It is No. 19.488.

A.M. Costa Rica has written about restaurants that serve small amount of alcohol being hit with high municipal licensing charges under the existing law. Some have surrendered their alcohol license.

Municipalities will have a mathematical formula to determine the correct rate, said lawmakers.

This is is not the first time that lawmakers had to revisit legislation to make corrections to eliminate unintended consequences.

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