Marijuana is much better than alcohol

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Your realization that marijuana should be legalized is to be commended.

Eighteen years ago I had to decide if I was more comfortable knowing my son was driving home on a weekend night high on marijuana or high on alcohol.  Having tried both in my youth I was aware how much safer I drove when having smoked marijuana versus after drinking alcohol.  It was an easy decision.   Marijuana was easily the preferred drug/substance.

Costa Rica should apply it’s anti-drug resources to better uses.  So should the U.S.  Those resources are now and has been for years wasted on this type of prohibition.   Chris Christie, Republican about to announce his candidacy for president, still believes marijuana is a gateway drug to the crack/meth/heroin’s in the world.  Has the guy ever actually smoked (and inhaled) marijuana?

It may not happen in my lifetime, but the U.S. will eventually (in the next two three generations) decriminalize if not fully legalize marijuana.

Cocaine may be a different matter, at least in the U.S.   Yes, I have snorted my share of cocaine, both fairly pure and badly cut.   Like alcohol, is a more psychologically addictive drug.  Unlike alcohol, it does not impair one’s ability to drive, at least when snorted.   Again, this conclusion is based on my own experience and my observation of my friends/acquaintances  use.

Unfortunately, most of the U.S. still harbors wild fears based on lack of knowledge and manipulation by the governmental/law enforcement bureaucracy.   It will be many generations before the U.S. is ready to swallow this truth.    For most people, it is better to ignore the facts when having already made up their minds.

I no longer use cocaine.  If it were legal and pure, I might try it occasionally, but it can be hard to use when one has daily obligations beyond a college class.  Like alcohol, too much can produce its own hangover effects the following morning when one must wake up and go.  But, given the enormous waste of money and manpower over the last 45 years, trying to stop something that many people want and use,  makes zero sense.

I applaud your intelligent approach to this issue.

Gary Keenan


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