Much of country will not see annual little summer

The annual veranillo de San Juan will be restricted this year to the north Pacific coast and the metro area, according to the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional.

The  veranillo, the “little summer,” is a period in late June each year when the weather is more like the high season and probably without a lot of rain.

The weather institute said that this year the little summer will be between June 23 and 25. The period is named after Saint John the Baptist, whose Roman Catholic feast day is June 24.

The weather institute said that the little summer will not be present elsewhere in the country.  Guanacaste already is in a drought, so days without rain are not very welcome.

The past two days in the metro area were a sun051715taste of the little summer. There was bright sun in the morning with cloudy skies but no rain in the afternoon.

Some years the little summer is five to six days long.

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