Municipality acts against illegal project

S???????????????????????????????ometimes the old Costa Rica rule just does not work. The rule is that it is easier to ask forgiveness instead of asking permission.

An apartment developer has found that out the hard way.

The Municipalidad de Desamparados reported Friday that demolition has started on some 250 square meters of construction in the  Cerámica  Poas  subdivision in Calle Fallas.

The developer had carried the legal fight as far as the Tribunal Contencioso Administrativo. By the time the judicial panel ruled for the municipality two weeks ago, the three apartments has been occupied, the municipality said.

The problems were many in addition to the developer failing to have permission to build the two-story structure.

The structure also was in an area that violated the zoning rules and intruded on municipal property, said the municipality. In addition, the building was in a place where landslides were possible and construction is prohibited, it added.

The municipality went public with the case because it said it was continually fighting against illegal construction.

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