New commission will study tax fraud

Although the administration’s tax fraud legislation is in trouble in the Asamblea Legislativa, the  Corte Suprema de Justicia is stepping into the picture.

The president of the court,  Zarela Villanueva Monge, is expected to sign an agreement today that creates an inter-institutional commission to reinforce the policies relating to tax cheats.

The advanced description suggests that the commission will not actually go after tax cheats but will coordinate, formulate strategy and analyze tactics, according to an announcement.

Once a violation is suspected, an investigation will be launched, said the announcement.

Part of the job of the commission will be to formulate new laws, the announcement said.

The commission will be made up of prosecutors, the Judicial Investigating Organization and the Ministerio de Hacienda, which includes the tax collectors within its ranks..

The court president is expected to clarify today at the legislature exactly how this commission differs from what the tax agency already is supposed to do.

The Ministerio de Hacienda proposed legislation that, among other things, would allow its investigators to enter private land and seize property without judicial approval. That generated opposition among members of the public and in the legislature.

Members of the majority coalition are rewriting the proposed law for submission within a week.

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