One man in custody in murder of family

Police and judicial agents have detained one man in the murder of an entire family in Santa María de Dota.

Three men more and two women either are in custody or are being sought, the Fuerza Pública said today.

Law enforcement fielded 80 officers to make the arrest of the man identified by the last name of Diaz. He is a 38-year-old Nicaraguan, they said

The man was detained about 6 p.m. Thursday as he tried to flee his home in the section known as Las Cataratas.

At the time of the murders a week ago, investigators said they suspected more than one person was involved because of the number of victims. The number that are believed to be involved suggests a murder-for-hire plot.

The case began May 28 when the body of a girl was found tied to her bed and stabbed to death. She was Abigail Suarez Miranda, 9. Searchers later found the father, Ramon, 50, the mother, María, 32, and the son, Abraham, 11, not far from the home.

Investigators have been working closely with their Nicaraguan counterparts, because the family is of that nationality.

Investigators at first thought the principal suspect fled the country, but after receiving information from Nicaraguan police, they continued to look locally. Nicaragua sent a prosecutor, two investigators and a forensic expert to assist.

At first the crime was attributed to a heavy handed effort to collect a debt. Now police say they think that property boundaries were the motive. detained050414

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