Pavas man detained in another case of fraud via Internet ads

Judicial agents detained an individual Thursday they said was the outside man for a ring of scammers who are operating out of the nation’s prisons.

The 23-year-old man was detained in  Lomas del Río en Pavas. The Judicial Investigating Organization said that he served as the link between victims and imprisoned scammers.

There are at lest six fraud cases involved, but the list probably could include many more.

This is another one of those cases that involves victims who posted articles for sale on the Internet. The articles ranged from motorcycles, to video games, to beauty shop items and even to animals.

Most of the time innocent third parties were enlisted to pick up goods or to pay for them. Bad checks were used, but the seller did not know that until the check bounded a day later, said judicial agents.

Then there was the old trick of pretending to be a physician and meeting the seller at a hospital. In these cases innocent taxi drivers were used to accept the item for sale. Later they received telephone instructions of where to delivery the item. Meanwhile the seller was off in a futile search trying to locate the office where he or she would be paid.

Sometimes, agent said, the ring would locate a messenger from the very same Internet source.

Agents accused the man detained Thursday of filling many roles, including accepting money and also being the final recipient of the item.

Prisoners can make calls from their cells using smuggled cell telephones. The man detained Thursday also was accused of making deposits to the accounts of jailed confederates.

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