People steal and kill to get drugs

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

How very sad that this newspaper is calling for legalization of illegal drugs. Instead of helping suggest to find a way to beat drugs you are giving in and asking for it to be legalized.

What good things do drugs do for people?  I have never seen or heard of anything good coming of them.  They destroy people and their loved ones.  People steal and kill to get them.

Please rethink what you have written here, find a way to help not hurt people.  You have a beautiful country, and the people are wonderful human beings.  Keep it that way!  Show the world that drugs are not needed or to be tolerated.

Put your voice to good use not how to destroy your beautiful country…..very disappointed in your opinion on this one!

Hugo Chávez once said “Give American drugs and they will destroy themselves.”  Stand up for what is right, get these bad guys.  Don’t make them heroes.
Gail Mason
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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