Predictable rock fall closes key Caldera highway

A cliff where problems took place in the past has given way on Ruta 27, the Caldera highway. Employees of the highway concession spent the day knocking down fractured rock.

The highway remains closed, but it is expected to re-open today if workers think that there will be no more falling boulders. Passage may be down to one lane.

Meanwhile, lawmakers who oppose concessions on principle or oppose the current administration, have begun to urge action by the Ministerio de Obras Pública y Transportes.

The rock fall is at kilometer 45 near Atenas.  The highway is two lanes there. An alternate route, the Interamericana Norte can accommodate motorists, but the Caldera highway is quicker.

There has been trouble at this location in the past. Workers had installed wire mesh and plastered the cliff face. Falling rocks destroyed this preventative effort.

The  Consejo Nacional de Concesiones asked the concession holder,  Globalvía, to prevent a plan to remedy the problems by July 24.

The highway basically is a death trap with vertical cliffs in many locations. The cliffs should have been eliminated as the road was constructed, experts have said in the past.
This is a continuing situation in the rainy season.

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