Rainfall in May sets records for the most in east and the least in west

May weather set records for being dry in the west and being wet in the east.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that the prior record for the least rainfall in Liberia was set in 1967, based on records dating from 1937.  In May of that year 7.5 millimeters of rain fell, just 19/64s of an inch.

This May there was just 1.3 of a millimeter or 3/64ths of an inch, data showed.

The story was just the opposite in  La Selva de Sarapiquí where the old record for rainfall was 940 millimeters in 2002.

a bit more than 37 inches. This year in May the weather institute measured 1,028 millimeters or about 40.5 inches

Guanacaste always is on the dry side, and the Caribbean coast and the northern zone usually are wetter at this time of year. But thanks to El Niño in the far Pacific the differences are magnified this year.

That is why farmers and ranchers are screaming. One suggestion has been to use government money to access the abundant underground water. Ranchers say, however, that trying to get a well permit is a lengthy process and that the government has not taken steps to make it shorter. One said that a well that meets all the rules for distance from waterways and other concerns still takes months.rainfall040215

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