Reader endorses Caribbean restaurant

Athagy is a happy find.

After a hot day of shopping at the open air market in Limon, lunch with a cold beer sounds good and so does getting out of Limón and on the road back to Puerto Viejo.

About 20 kilometers out of town (I am guessing) this new restaurant appears on the left.  Well, actually, what appears is a giant Pilsen beer sign. It is like a beacon to the hot and weary heavily-laden shoppers.  At first we drove past it and entered an older restaurant on the west side, but they had no lunch and we made a U-turn back to the place on the left (Caribbean-side).

It offered a large parking lot some of it with an awning cover and an open dining area and very clean appearance.

The waitress won my approval when she informed us that the ceviche would take 45 minutes and did we want to wait?  Prices were reasonable.  Most lunch plates were in the $7 or $8 range, and beer was $2.

My friend found the ceviche very fresh and well worth the wait.  I enjoyed my plank steak with french fries and a salad, and I believe the others all enjoyed their meals as well.  Fresh food, well prepared at a good price.  I hope they do well and put in a few fans to move the air a little bit.

The large parking lot on the highway make this an easy rest stop, but not a very romantic one.  GPS 9:54:42.39600  83:1:0.852000

Editor’s note: Readers are encouraged to endorse their favorite restaurant.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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