Reader response to drug editorial was generally positive about marijuana

Reader response to Wednesday’s A.M. Costa Rica editorial calling for the legalization of marijuana and cocaine was generally positive.

But some said that cocaine, because it is addictive, should continue to be banned.

The editorial called for legalization in Costa Rica and in the United States. It said that the war on drugs has caused extensive criminality here. Costa Rica is considered a major transit point for illegal cocaine.

Sharon Wolf, an expat and physician, said “As a medical doctor, having witnessed the tragic  deaths, injury to innocents and downhill financial
ruin of parents hoping to save a beloved son/daughter,  I don’t see how the legalization of the same addictive drugs causing these deaths can be of any help in this scourge, any more than legalizing murder would be of
any practical benefit.”

Carol Meeds, an expat who lives on the Caribbean coast, said: If you have ever lived with or even near a cocaine or crack addict you will know about the episodes of rage called, “cocaine psychosis.”

The editorial noted that such drugs are available widely here already.

Many responses were just a sentence or less. A sampling of the longer comments follows:

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