Scarlet macaws get dumped, too, by their owners

Not just dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are dumped by unfeeling pet owners who tire of their responsibility.

A woman in  Rio Seco de Parrita reported that
she found a scarlet macaw that appeared to be sick.

Fuerza Pública officers took a look and discovered that the majestic bird had an eye problem, some sort of deformity to the beak and clipped wings.

The latter was the sure sign that the bird had been in captivity at one point.

Clearly the bird was not able to exist in the wilds.

The woman said she found the bird while walking in the mountains after visiting family.

She and the bird were enduring a heavy downpour, which is why she assumed the bird was sick.

The woman took the animal home and fed it. Police later took the bird to a veterinarian and later to a refuge.

The bird could live for decades more macaw070915

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