Shooting victims include man in wheelchair

Four individual died by gunfire Friday, including one victim who was confined to a wheelchair. Shootings continued through the weekend.

The disabled victim had the last name of Obando and was 33, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. He was found about 5 a.m. Friday in the  Proyecto Manuel de Jesús Jiménez in Cartago still seated in his wheelchair on a public street but with fatal bullet wounds to the chest, said agents.

Another shooting victim was a 50-year-old man with the last name of  Jiménez, who was walking about 2:30 a.m. Friday in Los Guidos, Desamparados. The Judicial Investigating Organization said that a vehicle passed him and someone inside opened up and shot him several times. He was dead at the scene, agents said.

Also early Friday in Desamparados a woman died and three men suffered wounds when a man  dressed in black entered a drinking establishment and began shooting. The bar is in  San Antonio de Desamparados. The woman was identified by the last name of  Ramírez. She was 23.

Also Friday agents were called to León XIII in Tibás where the body of a man later identified by the last name of Montero was on a sidewalk. Agents said that the 25-year-old man had multiple gunshot wounds.

The most seriously wounded was a woman with the last name of  León who suffered a bullet wound to the head Saturday night. She was in a vehicle traveling in the  San Diego section of  Tres Ríos. Someone in another car fired into the one in which the woman was riding, said agents.

Also Saturday night a man identified by the last name of Alcazar  showed up at Hospital San Juan de Dios with a bullet wound to the left leg, said judicial agents. The 29-year-old man reported he was shot on a street in  Barrio Corazón de Jesús where he was involved in an argument with another man.

At Hospital México four men showed up with various bullet wounds about 11 p.m. Saturday from La Carpio, La Uruca. Judicial agents said they were victims of individuals in a vehicle who drove through the area shooting randomly. Agents said they recovered shells from a 12-gauge shotgun and from  .38-caliber and a  7.65-caliber weapons.

Also Saturday agents were called to Hospital Calderón Guardia where a man hospitalized there since May 25 died. He was 28 with the last name of  Guerrero, said agents. The man suffered knife wounds in the section of Cartago known as  la Carpintera. He also is believed to have been the victim of an argument.

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