Solís offers to meet with chamber chiefs who protested import barriers

President Luis Guillermo Solís defended his executive branch employees and told protesting chambers of commerce that health measures on importing items were not restrictions on commerce.

The president did offer to have a meeting with the protesters, which includes the Cámera Nacional de Turismo.

Seven chambers, but not Turismo, called for the firing of the director del Servicio Fitosanitario del Estado,  Francisco Dall´Anesse Álvarez, and  Bernardo Jaén Hernández, the  director of the Servicio de Salud Animal.

Both men are the center of a controversy best known to the public as a restriction on the importation of Mexican avocados.

The fruit has been kept out of the country over a condition known as sunblotch.

But there are other products that have faced some forms of restrictions. They include honey, potatoes, pork, beef, platanos and spices.  Critics contend the import restrictions are protectionism designed to help local producers.

Solís replied via letter to the presidents of the chambers and representatives of some other entities Wednesday.

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