Solis says developed countries should offer climate help

President Luis Guillermo Solís adopted a familiar theme Monday when he spoke at the United Nations office in Geneva, Switzerland.

The president suggested that developed countries should offer help to countries in development that are adopting actions to mitigate the effects of climate change.

This is the same theme that presidents of Central America, including former president Laura Chinchilla, supported when they met in October 2011 after tropical storms did heavy damage.

They incorrectly blamed the industrialized countries for generating greenhouse gases that promoted hurricanes.

The industrialized nations should not punish the advances of the middle income countries like Costa Rica, Solís said,. He also called for technology transfer and financing options by First World countries.

The developing countries should not continue subsidizing the emissions of the higher polluting nations, he said.

He said that the major polluters should assume their responsibility in reducing emissions and said that the efforts to do so should be transparent so the effort can be measured and the information made public.

Solís stressed cooperation and was more diplomatic than Ms. Chinchilla, who was demanding. The former president was unaware that the most devastating hurricane in the Caribbean took place in 1780.

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