Solís seeks a regional climate change meeting here

President  Luis Guillermo Solís wants to set up a climate meeting in San José.

He issued an invitation to leaders of Central American countries and those of Colombia and Mexico.

Solís sent the message to the leaders who were gathered in Antigua, Guatemala, and at the same time apologized for not attending himself. Costa Rica was represented by Vice President Helio Fallas. The meeting was of the Sistema de Integración Centroamericana.

Solís said he wanted to have the meeting within 45 days so that the countries could devise a uniform position to present at the United Nations climate change conference in Paris in October.

He said in his letter that he was sure that the meeting would come to agreement on a climate mitigation policy that may be adopted by the leaders who meet in Paris.

All of the countries face the prospect of rising sea levels unless the climate reverses itself and begins getting colder.

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