The safe was the least of their worries

The drama was amateur hour at the Megasuper in Cóbano early Tuesday.

Two men, dressed appropriately for the occasion, broke into the store through the roof. Just like in the movies, they were dressed in black with black ski masks and even black gloves.

The idea was to cut open the safe with an acetylene torch just like in the movies.

But before they got cooking, Fuerza Pública officers arrived. It seems that they tripped a silent alarm when they entered the store.

Meanwhile in Escazú, officers there grabbed two men who are suspected in shoplifting some 250,000 colons worth of items from a local hardware store. That’s about $470.

Police said the goods were taken while the clerks were distracted. Among the items were an electric drill and a sander.

Both the Escazú suspects and the ones in Cóbano were scheduled to appear in the flagrancy courts.safecrackers061015

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