There’s no sense sitting around bored as it rains

The rainy season certainly has arrived.

In all but the Pacific coast where drought prevails expats have to hurry though the morning to complete errands. Then after the early afternoon storms arrive, the question is “What to do?”

The medical literature is quite clear that sitting in front of the television with another beer in the hand probably has long-term negative repercussions.  Plus it’s boring.

Here are 10 rainy afternoon suggestions:

1. Remember that half-finished model of the U.S.S. Constitution  that vanished sometime between elementary school and girls? Now is a great time to complete one. Wooden model kits can be found on eBay for about $30 to $100.  There are plastic kits, too. In either case, the challenging job is installing the rigging for Old Ironsides.

2. Instead of drinking it, why not make beer? Anything is better than Imperial. And those containers of spring water in the supermarket are perfect as fermentors. Instructions are all over the Internet, although some digging might be required to get all the supplies in Costa Rica.

3. The ladies might be able to get the spouse off the couch with some threats and inducements in order to learn or improve dance steps. YouTube, that great source of information, has hundreds of video lessons.

4. Expats have been know to write books. Electronic publishing makes this easy, and there are a handful of writer’s groups that provide encouragement and advice. With the first movie deal, the expat author can avoid the rainy season all together and spend time at the newly acquired villa in the south of France.

6. The pawn shops are full of musical instruments. A plastic recorder costs about 2,000 colons. There is no excuse not to bored060415become an accomplished musician before December. Once again, YouTube has the instructional videos.

7. One expat in Nicaragua creates fantastic dishes and shares mouth-watering photos via email. Central America is full of regional dishes and the veggies and meats to make them.

8. A trip to Los Angeles will improve health, a fake trip that is on a stationary bicycle. A slow start still should reach Peñas Blancas in a week or two. Push pins on a wall map can show the dates and distances. And no passport is needed.

9. A hour a day will really improve the Spanish or provide basic fluency in any other language. Mandarine, anyone?

10. The local schools sure could use volunteers with real world knowledge. A visit and chat with the administrator might result in a fit. And classrooms are roofed and free of rain for the most part.

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