Tiny tax proposed for electrical generating

Representatives of industry are not pleased by a proposal to assess a one centavo tax on each kilowatt of power generated by public and private entities.

The measure was proposed by lawmaker Jorge Rodríguez Araya who said in a summary of the bill that the money would go to the political subdivisions where the power was generated to compensate them for the presence of the  facility. The summary speaks glowingly of  Paraíso in the province of Cartago before the construction of dams.

The summary addresses at length of how prime farmland was destroyed by dams and the lakes they created.

The bill, No. 19.119, also blames the generating projects and their dams for creating microclimates. A centavo is one one hundredths of a colon.

The bill does not address directly thermal plants or wind farms, but the wording is such that they would be included. The Ministerio de Hacienda would be empowered to collect the tax that would be paid by the end user.

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