Two more pedestrian bridges ready to be erected

The nation’s road-building agency is closing in on the last two of 10 pedestrian overpasses.

One is at Paseo de las Flores in Heredia. The second is at Brasil de Mora.

The contractors are using prefabricated materials that will be assembled on site.

Between January and May this year  28 pedestrians lost their life in traffic accidents, the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad noted. Of these, 22 died because of a judgment error on the part of the victim, it said. Some died within sight of a pedestrian overpass.

The roadway in front of the  Paseo de las bridge062615Flores commercial center is five lanes, the Consejo noted.

The goverment has invested 2.2 billion colons in the 10 pedestrian bridges, the Consejo said. That’s about $4.2 million.

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