Yes for marijuana, but no for cocaine

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Although my views are definitely liberal and may even be libertarian at times, I have to be one of those people who draw the line at permitting the uncensored use of drugs that hurt others.

If you have ever lived with or even near a cocaine or crack addict you will know about the episodes of rage called, “cocaine psychosis.”

“Cocaine-related violent behaviors occur in as many as 55 percent of patients with cocaine-induced psychiatric symptoms. Homicide has also been associated with cocaine use in as many as 31 percent of homicide victims. In suicide, cocaine has been found to be present in as high as 18 to 2 percent of cases. Many patients with cocaine dependence have also been found to have a comorbid psychiatric disorder,” according to the National Institutes for Health.

Marijuana should not even be regulated as a drug.  It is a naturally growing herbal medicine that offers many treatments for many ailments including the ailment of anxiety brought on by living in the modern world.

For that matter, in my opinion, Coco leaves are probably not a problem either.

Carol Meeds
Caribbean coast
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