Ambassador’s decision criticized

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I just read in A.M. Costa Rica that the new U.S. ambassador to Costa Rica will not attend the community’s 4th of July celebration.  I am sorry to disagree with the ambassador who is following his strong religious beliefs restricting his activities on a Saturday.

I feel that no matter what beliefs an ambassador has, he is the representative of the United States and the president.  For that ambassador to not attend his country’s primary celebration of its founding sends a negative message regarding his commitment to his country.

This ambassador is also missing the opportunity to meet many of his fellow Americans so soon after his arrival.  As one of them, I feel this shows us that we should not expect his strong support regarding our concerns or problems.  I am not criticizing the ambassador’s religion or denigrating his strong beliefs, but I feel that in this instance, the ambassador is making an error in judgment by putting those ahead of his country.

Loren Cain
Piedades de Puriscal
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